Commercial Water Filter & Filtration Systems

Commercial Water Filter & Filtration Systems

Water King Water has an extensive base of reverse osmosis solutions - from commercial water filters and custom engineered, high capacity systems for our industrial and institutional clients right down compact residential systems that provide families with safe, clean drinking water.


The Water King Water Genesis Drinking Water System reduces harmful impurities like lead, radium, aesthetic chlorine, hexavalent chromium (chromium-6) and arsenic.*

May saves money compared to using single-serve bottles from the store.
Improves the taste of coffee, tea, powdered drinks, soups and recipes.
Helps the environment because less fuel is required to manufacture bottles, which reduces greenhouse gases, and fewer plastic bottles end up in landfills.
Optional connection to a plumbed-in gourmet coffee maker for coffee house quality at home.

Frees up valuable refrigerator space from pitchers and bottled water.
Optional line to your ice maker for high-quality ice cubes